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Emotional, individual and critical at the same time: Çağla Erdemir's work spans entwined narratives around questions of identity and opens up approachable spaces in which private personal matters become public or even political.


Çağla Erdemir's artistic practice began in her early teens when she dared to go public with expressive poetry slams. Bent by poetry and metaphoric, her private narratives get transformed into public experiences. This practice still echoes in her newest artworks.

The multi-medial artist is best-known for her paintings. Characterized by sensitivity and subtlety, the evocative effect of her works satisfies the eye on one hand while asking the viewer to enter a perceptible space in between, where the artist positions questions and discourses, highlights gaps and encourages self-reflection.

Çağla Erdemir was born 1997 in Austria. Today she works between the two cities Berlin and Innsbruck as an artist, art historian, curator and art mediator.

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